[Tool] RaindropFX for URP v1.0

RaindropFX 首个URP版本发布!
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>>>Standard Version/标准渲染管线版<<<
>>>HDRP Version/高清渲染管线版<<<
>>>URP Version/通用渲染管线版<<<

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Intro 简介

Hey Guys! 😃
RaindropFX Pro for URP is released!
Hey 小可爱们!😃
RaindropFX Pro for URP 发布啦!

Over the past year, I have received many inquiries about whether there will be a URP version RaindropFX and when it will be released. Sorry for the delay, But now it's done!
One more thing, in the URP version, I replaced Gaussian Blur with Kawase Blur, it's quality is similar with Gaussian Blur but super fast (see the statistics below), so the performance of Raindrop solver will be greatly improved! 😉
过去一年有很多用户问我RaindropFX 会不会推出URP版本,现在它来啦!
此外,URP版本中的高斯模糊被替换为Kawase Blur,

Screenshots 效果图